what I offer

these are my current offerings:

Ilan Lev Method (ILM)

Zero Balancing (ZB)

Somatic Movement Therapy (SMT)



more about ILM

The Ilan Lev Method (ILM) works as a systemic reorganization of the body-mind system, introducing clients to their own healing capacities and their underlying primal qualities. ILM harnesses the integral structural power of the skeleton as an axis of communication with the nervous system, the fluid system and connective tissue, like fascia. This can lead to results in systemic repatterning and reorganization of response and reaction, of movement range, an increase of presence and readiness, an opening vessel for renewed insight and new creative avenues. First and foremost, a treatment session is a dialogue between practitioner and client; It is an interplay between release, alignment and recognition. It is primarily a listening process, where the practitioner and client both listen to the client through their body movement, weight and patterns in a systematic, integrated fashion. Sessions can result in a sense of relaxation, renewal, spaciousness and/ or increased sense of alignment, mobility, agility, and/ or stability. Clients are treated on a low physical therapy table, fully clothed in loose fitting garments for ease of movement. 

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Zero Balancing (ZB) is a transformative touch modality which explores the effects of skilled conscious touch on brain waves, expanded states of consciousness, and healing. A Zero Balancing treatment can touch upon the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of health and wellness. ZB taps into the conductive power of bones and other connective tissue to release deep tension and free the flow of energy in the musculoskeletal system. This relieves stress and boosts vitality. ZB can reduce pain and discomfort, enhance stability, balance and freedom, and amplify a sense of connection and expansive sense of peace. ZB can be supportive in times of transitions, provide support around relationships, goals, life changes and support personal growth. ZB can help release old patterns and open to new possibilities.

A ZB session takes place fully clothed in loose fitting clothing which allow for ease of gentle movement and deep relaxation. A ZB session is about creating the conditions for clients to balance themselves, to engage the body and mind and promote rapid reorganization and integration. Change is never forced. Clients do not require fixing. A ZB client is held in the highest personal regard and respect for personal and energetic boundaries. A ZB session does not introduce energy into the client’s system, but rather allows the client’s own energy to flow with more clarity and vitality.

ZB addresses the structure of the body, the energy of the body, and the relationship between the two. ZB focuses on the foundation joints – those joints whose function has more to do with transmission of force than with locomotion. When foundation joints are compromised, other tissues will compensate. This compensation results in many hidden imbalances that impact a person on both conscious and unconscious levels. ZB helps resolve imbalances in the foundation joints and release the compensatory patterns. When releasing, organizing or balancing vibration held in the tissues and joints, ZB has the effect of harmonizing the mind as well as the body.

more about SMT

My somatic bodywork classes are oriented towards client self empowerment and personal research into their body and their self. This work is for self connection, integration, and relaxation. We also delve into self bodywork, using ILM and ZB principles. The client parses cues and loose instructions through the lens of their own body and experience. We are primarily focused on the skeleton body, the fluid body and the connective tissue body- separately and through interplay between the three. And we make use of imagery to aid us in this research.  This work is strongly influenced by Noguchi gymnastics, Butoh, Klein technique, ZB, ILM, gaga, The Paula Method and Acupressure.