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I call my practice Somatic Garage. The garage is an amazing place. An informal place where so many things can happen. A place of possibility, of organized chaos, of shelter, a place to work things out- free of the burden of orthodoxy and correctitude. It is a place to work on and admire craft and skill and virtuosity, while not being held down by fixed ideas about how things work. It is a place of curiosity, of trial and error, of improvisation. A garage is a place of transition,  neither inside nor outside, yet simultaneously both at once

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Currently offering:

Ilan Lev Method (ILM)

Zero Balancing

Reiki treatments and attunements for humans, pets and spaces

Guided movement meditation, and other somatic practices


(Each session can combine modalities as needed. Sessions begin with a quick consultation, so there’s no need to specifically book any modality before your appointment, though it is certainly ok to book for specific modalities.)

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Certified Ilan Lev Method practitioner, a Zero Balancer-in-training, a Mat Pilates instructor, a Reiki Master Teacher and a somatic movement therapist and performance/ movement artist. A visual artist who plays around with sound and sound healing techniques such as overtone singing, singing bowls, tuning forks, sonic meditations and guided visualizations. Also a trained mediator.



Your body actually knows how to heal itself. We use this space and time to tap into the natural powers which we all contain for renewal. It is a time to enjoy your body and embrace mindbodyspirit with no need to accomplish or fix a thing. Just to live intrinsically in your own skin and feel good, feel empty, feel full, and enjoy. We will expand like amoebas, flow like air and water, polish ourselves with the sands of our gritty experiences, our pain, our joys and our truths. We will encompass our open and true natures in our own way and in our own time.

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ilan lev method

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